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Micron Industries Inc. of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada specializes in Stainless Steel High Pressure Braided Hose & Cryogenic Vessel Service / Inspection as well as Propane & Anhydrous Trailer Inspection / Repair.

The owner and president, Paul Pyne started Micron Industries with a wealth of personal experience gained by operating, servicing and repairing Cryogenic, CO2 and High Pressure Hydrogen tube trailers.

With a mission to create a service company that is reliable, sustainable and trustworthy, Paul established Micron Industries Inc. in 2005. Micron expanded its operations with the intention of delivering a higher level of service and support to our current and future customer base. Micron is now located in Red Deer and Clairmont Alberta, Canada. Click here to Contact Micron. We respond to all valid email messages within 24 hours.

Micron Industries saw a need and has developed a process to streamline your purchase of custom braided stainless steel hose. We can relieve you of many of the headaches and barriers that are present when attempting to produce custom high pressure braided hose. View our Stainless Steel Hose Catalogue here or click here to Contact Micron Industries Inc.

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Head Office: #4, 7621 Edgar Industrial Dr., Red Deer, Alberta T4P 3R2|Ph: (403) 346-2044|CONTACT US BY EMAIL